“Prosperity” Preacher Kenneth Copeland: Ted Cruz Is “Anointed” by God to Be President

Scary fanatics eager to grab the reins of power
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OT: Heard from son in Taiwan. They slept through it up in Taichung. Most welcome anticlimax EVAH. Though he freaked when he read my message because at first he thought I was saying WE had had a big quake.

The religious fanatics with whom presidential candidate Ted Cruz and his father Rafael associate are way, way out there on the fringe of America’s right wing, and here’s another example, as Ted’s wacky dad speaks at the Texas mega-church of “prosperity gospel” preacher Kenneth Copeland, who says Ted Cruz …

Anti-Choice Video Maker David Daleiden Turns Himself in to Face Felony Charge

He plans to turn down a probation deal and wants an apology instead
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re: #428 b_sharp No pics, but apologies in advance anyway. A few months back, discovered a tick that had settled in under the nail of my middle toe. Eviction was eventually successful, but not fun.
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Ted Cruz Supporter Phil Robertson: “Rid the Earth Of” Gay Marriage Supporters

Cruz calls him “joyful”
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re: #208 Brian J. Oh thanks. Now this went through my brain: Trumpty Dumpy wanted a wall Trumpty Dumpy, human hairball All of the asses and fat wealthy men couldn't put GOP back in their pen
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