Sunday Evening Acoustic Excellence: Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge, “Bone Collector”

2 minutes ago
This is amusing. Nutjob Watson contributed $2K to a journalist's fact-finding trip to the wasteland that is Malmö, Sweden, probably expecting a big exposé of the raving hordes of dangerous immigrants terrorizing the locals. Instead, the journo found Malmö is ...

Keith Olbermann’s Latest: The Mistake Trump Can’t Ever Walk Back

The damage can’t be fixed. And it’ll ruin his presidency.
3 days, 15 hours ago
re: #369 CuriousLurker Seriously. They are no different from the Chaldeans in Sterling Heights who keep harping about Muslims after leaving Iraq on their own accord and attempting to deny them their right to worship.

Shorter Politico: Trump Is a Crybaby Who Needs Constant Praise and Attention

The president is an uncontrollable 70-year old baby
85Clearly a Country For Sick Old Haters
3 days, 19 hours ago
re: #10 Charles Johnson Or maybe just a few. I had always assumed Twitter was too easy for propagandists to game, and it was proven when all those tweets went out with exactly the same message recently. We can never ...