You’re Not Gonna Believe This One: Jordan Klepper vs. Wisconsin Trump Supporters

68Charles Johnson
30 seconds ago
“Why the authorities waited several days to execute service of the warrant if the matter rose to such a serious national security issue is unclear.”It’s known as a “weekend.” — Charles Johnson (@Green_Footballs) August 12, 2022

Glorious New Music From Louis Cole: “Let It Happen”

5 days ago
re: #296 Belafon "... As for the claim that Trump's order would have lowered insulin prices, that's true, but only for low-income patients of Federally Qualified Health Centers. FQHCs are community clinics that receive government funding to help vulnerable populations. ...

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Your Perry Mason Moment

1 week ago
re: #166 austin_blue Oh, and we are in a significant drought. We have little brush fires popping up all around Austin. Every day, more show up. It's expensive to put out brush fires. All of the costs to fight them ...