Newly-Discovered Video Shows Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein Leering at Women at a Mar-a-Lago Party

11Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
31 seconds ago
re: #10 lawhawk It gets him attention and wins him admiring cheers from his target audience.

I have to admit I really can’t stand “Morning Joe” Scarborough and his ridiculous panel discussions, but this clip is worth seeing because his producers dug up video of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein leering at and groping women at a Mar-a-Lago party in 1992.

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233Hecuba's daughter
2 days, 14 hours ago
Pelosi is in a very difficult position: the 4 congresswomen that Trump maligned are an essential part of the Democratic base -- but they aren't the reason that Pelosi is now Speaker; these women all succeeded Democrats in safe Democratic ...

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323Old Liberal
5 days, 19 hours ago
re: #297 Khal Wimpo (the extinguisher of tiki torches) What pisses me off is in spite of being demonstrably admittedly wrong they still think their opinion on current events is equal to yours. They don’t keep score, if they did ...