A Beautiful Music Video From Unique Japanese Guitarist Ichika Nito: “Solitude”

17Jay C
19 seconds ago
re: #7 🌹UOJB! So how much does producing oil/gas via fracking really produce in PA? And how much does it cost? IIRC, petroleum retrieval via hydraulic fracturing is - compared to "conventional" drilling - expensive, more-complex, and way lower-yielding (it's ...

In Which a Trump Supporter Stands Right Behind Him at His Florida Rally, Throwing the White Power Sign

159Hecuba's daughter
1 day, 15 hours ago
re: #158 piratedan My mistake. I looked further and the original 1963 movie and its 1999 remake were both named The Haunting. It's the Netflix series that reverted to the name of the novel. I had read the novel so ...

Colbert: Trump Desperately Attacks Dr. Fauci, Horribly Dances for Votes

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re: #157 Backwoods_Sleuth Good point. A lot depends on the oven or stove and of course, how well you want it done. For me, I've found 350 degrees at 15-20 minutes seems to work well for a lot of stuff-vegetables, ...