Pence Says Gennifer Flowers Won’t Be at Debate, Trump Was Just “Mocking” Clinton

Making a mockery of the presidential election
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You probably heard the news yesterday that Donald Trump was going to invite Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress Gennifer Flowers to the debate tomorrow night. Today, Mike Pence says she’s not going to be there; Trump was just “mocking” Hillary Clinton. Right, “mock” her in the most misogynistic way imaginable — …

Glenn Reynolds’ USA Today Column Suspended for a Month After Tweet Urging Motorists to Run Over Protesters

Featuring the classic right wing non-apology apology
1 day, 7 hours ago
re: #44 thedopefishlives Yep. That's my assumption. She had her finger on the trigger rather than where it was supposed to be, and the various alternate explanations are bullshit. Of course, that makes her guilty of manslaughter, so they can't ...

UT Knoxville College of Law Dean Denounces Glenn Reynolds’ Tweet Encouraging Violence Against Protesters

“University administrators, college faculty, and I are investigating this matter”
2 days, 20 hours ago
re: #136 Targetpractice Isn't that part of a new state law passed when conservatives took all branches of state government in NC? I thin k it's out of the chief's hands. I remember reading that somewhere this week but I ...
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Donald Trump Jr. Compares Syrian Refugees to a Bowl of Poisoned Skittles Candy

3 days, 3 hours ago
re: #352 Emptor scriptor Remorse I know I'm late in replying, but I had a Great Pyrenees. We just lost him earlier this year. They are amazingly awesome dogs. Wicked smart, great family dogs, gentle giants, don't need a whole ...