A Sassy Trump Retrospective: Donald of Arabia

Bellicose bully becomes craven coward before your eyes
34 seconds ago
re: #142 Anymouse To be fair, it's mostly candidates that do it. I really did not like Palin going around Virginia talking about how glad she was to be in Virginia. It was like guess what, Sarah, it doesn't matter ...

New From Olbermann: 40 Shady Things We Now Know About Trump and Russia

After a deluge of revelations, here’s what we’ve learned so far
36 minutes ago
re: #379 Kragar As I was flipping through channels, I momentarily paused on Fox. Kimberly Tinfoil mentioned that Seanny is going on a brief vaca and she's filling in for a few days. Uh huh. Then Greg whateverhisname is launched ...

Video: Stephen Colbert Rips Trump’s Inhuman Budget Apart

3 hours, 44 minutes ago
Late comment on the age thingie. 61. 18-year-old son WHO GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL TODAY (huge sigh of relief) was appalled, at the age of eight, when I explained to him that in my childhood days we didn't have computers ...

And Now, a Joyful Video by Sergio Altamura Featuring the Masaka Kids: “Africa”

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re: #75 Anymouse re: #78 Anymouse re: #83 Decatur Deb To the best of my knowledge, the service that suffered the highest casualty rate during WWII was the merchant marine. It's a national disgrace that we no longer have more ...