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CBS News Republican Clown Show, Thread 2

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re: #289 Dark_Falcon Your party relies on their support and has since the Southern Strategy.
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Here’s another live-blog thread to discuss the second half of tonight’s Republican circus. Donald Trump has been getting booed very seriously tonight, but it’s hard to know whether that means anything for the upcoming primary vote. And as usual, I’ve lost track of the lies being touted by all …

John Lewis: ‘I Never Saw’ Sanders at Civil Rights Events

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Simply because Rep. Lewis didn't see Sanders at civil rights events doesn't mean he wasn't there. Plenty of people did see him and there is footage capturing it. Maybe Rep. Lewis needs to be reminded of the racist dog whistles ...
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Crazy Live Audio: FBI Moves in on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff

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re: #276 Targetpractice I want to make a joke about sigint, but then I realized that it's not even a fail of that level of sophistication. These are incontinent people. They're angry and self-righteous stupid and have zero discipline. Like, ...
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