Jacob Collier Live @ Village Underground, London: “Don’t You Know”

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re: #36 teleskiguy Reposted from previous dead thread: re: #615 teleskiguy [Goddamnit! My roommates' dog just got skunked! My whole house smells!] Ask your local barkeeper for some Timsen. A lot of bars use Timsen solution as a final drink ...

Here’s a stunning live performance by Jacob Collier of one of the most complex tracks on his debut album.

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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Link to Alex Jones Website - a Ludicrous Fake Story, of Course

Like father, like son
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re: #404 whitebeach *snicker* Mary Stewart already did that, only it was a volcano... (The Wind Off The Small Isles) There is nothing new under the sun, to every writer's dismay
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In Which Donald Trump Encourages Russia to Spy on the US

Then he told a female reporter to shut up
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re: #436 Ojoe Your hatred of Hillary is totally off the charts. And your post reads like something from a cranky senile nursing home patient. Does it mean nothing to you that congressional hearings and an FBI investigation led to ...
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