In Which Charles Murray Defends Trump’s Racism with Class Warfare

Well, Nathan Bedford Forrest and Karl Marx were contemporaries
157Patricia Kayden
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re: #150 Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Waza Banga II Well I for one would be shocked if more African Americans voted for Trump than for the Democratic nominee. That would be surprising since Trump has gone out of his ...

It has not gone without widespread notice that Donald Trump explicitly (and implicitly) appeals to bigotry and xenophobia, yet this criticism has not appeared to slow down Trump’s support among the GOP primary process. Support for Trump’s campaign from the think tanks of Republicanism has been limited, perhaps because the …

John Lewis: ‘I Never Saw’ Sanders at Civil Rights Events

That’s gonna leave a mark
2 days, 12 hours ago
Simply because Rep. Lewis didn't see Sanders at civil rights events doesn't mean he wasn't there. Plenty of people did see him and there is footage capturing it. Maybe Rep. Lewis needs to be reminded of the racist dog whistles ...

Crazy Live Audio: FBI Moves in on the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Standoff

288Sic semper evello dildos tyrannis
3 days, 10 hours ago
re: #276 Targetpractice I want to make a joke about sigint, but then I realized that it's not even a fail of that level of sophistication. These are incontinent people. They're angry and self-righteous stupid and have zero discipline. Like, ...
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