Todd Rundgren Speaks Out on Fox News, With the Execrable Jesse Watters Being a Smug Jerk as Usual

2 minutes ago
re: #76 Anymouse The other day, she and I were at the mall. "You want to get some McDonalds?" "Hell no. McDonalds is for Trumpers and White People." "... You realize we're white, right?" "I'm only half white, but I'm ...

Here’s Todd Rundgren on Fox News — I know, right? — facing off with the truly smug and execrable Jesse Watters about his statement that Trump fans might not want to go to his concerts. Watters is a real creep here, and even tries to say Trump’s Birther conspiracy …

Trump Returns From Europe, Immediately Goes on Rage-Tweeting Binge

There’s something seriously wrong with the man in the White House
439Patricia Kayden
4 hours, 2 minutes ago
re: #209 Anymouse Thank you! Why the media is so fascinated with Trump voters and only Trump voters is beyond me. There was never any similar fascination with Obama supporters.