Great Interview: Seth Meyers w/ Sarah Kendzior, on the Systemic Issues That Will Outlast Trump

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re: #4 Charles Johnson My take is that our society is now so successfully fragmented into different spheres-of-information that the "cable news" is really about narrow-casting to very tightly defined audiences. This is not journalism in the sense that we ...

In the Trump era, Sarah Kendzior has been one of the most prescient and accurate writers and prognosticators. Here she is with Seth Meyers discussing her PhD background in studying authoritarianism, and making appropriately pessimistic predictions about the coming days of the Trump Horror.

Seth Meyers: Trump’s Allies Are Sweating About Michael Cohen as Scandals Mount

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re: #412 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) Cardboard boxes from the furniture store are exceeded only by cardboard boxes from the appliance store. Refrigerator boxes and stove boxes are the coolest toys in the world. * lived across ...

Video: John Oliver’s In-Depth Look at the Iran Nuclear Deal and Trump’s Reckless, Stupid Intention to Destroy It

In reality, it’s all about Obama
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re: #473 The Major re: #486 Anymouse 🌹 How great! Yes, I loved the chimes of grandma's when I was 7 and 8 (my parents were abroad), and she knew it and willed her to me. I let my parents ...

Colbert Weighs in on Trump’s Latest Dark Ages Policy: Bringing Back Abstinence-Only Education

Even though it simply doesn’t work, and never will
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re: #57 Backwoods_Sleuth Those cops are armed and they are in physical contact with the people they're trying to control. Fucking amateurs.

Stephen Colbert Asks the Question on Everyone’s Mind: How Loyal Is Michael Cohen?

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re: #283 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge "Polite society" regarded jazz as "black people's" music (they would have used a different term, probably), and therefore scandalous. Nothing a proper lady or gentleman would listen to, and of course they ...

New Video: Sassy Trump Struggles to Pay Attention to Multi-Part Question From Reporter

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re: #61 Dr Lizardo Deeeeep cut. Love it. I think I have the original ICTylor TV series dubbed on VHS somewhere around here. It got boring once things turned serious, but the VR headset hijinks (which honestly was a throwaway ...