And Now, Some Awesome Drum ‘N Bass From Ghost-Note: “Go Go Gadget” (Fortified)

274The Ghost of a Flea
16 seconds ago
re: #252 Yeah Sure WhatEVs re: #254 Eclectic Cyborg I may like George Conway's politics marginally more than Kellyanne Conway's, but... What is happening inside that marriage does not necessarily reflect any configuration we imagine from their public personas. The ...

Ghost-Note - Full Set (Live Acoustic) | Sugarshack Sessions

42A hollow Gandalfian voice says, VOTE, you fools!
2 days, 20 hours ago
re: #8 Welcome to The Imbleachment (dangerman) Let's not let them get away with this argle-bargle, shall we? Thr reason the repugs want mail-in ballots no to happen is they provide a paper trail. That makes it much harder, if ...
Not quite over-the-top enough; needs assault rifles, lightning, and Trump riding a velociraptor while Jesus prays to HIM.

It’s Come to This: QAnon Freaks Are Running for US Senate

Don’t laugh. We all thought there was NO WAY an obviously idiotic & incompetent narcissist could be President…
298Eventual Carrion
5 days, 21 hours ago
re: #228 The Pie Overlord! I think it is just some graffiti she saw scrawled on a toilet lid.