An Amazing Performance on 18-String Double-Neck Acoustic Guitar: Ian Ethan Case, “Aftershocks”

Acoustic mastery in 6/8 time
13 seconds ago
Personally I thought the "impeding federal employees" conspiracy was a pretty weak charge. Theft/Trespassing/Squatting and related conspiracy would make more sense. It's not surprising that the one charge that didn't get an acquittal was theft. But I'm mystified why the ...

Sean Hannity Tweets Link to White Supremacist Troll Chuck C. Johnson, Then Deletes It

Now you see Hannity’s link to a racist site, now you don’t
223Shiplord Kirel
14 hours, 48 minutes ago
re: #173 goddamnedfrank Glad to see that language. When I saw this disgusting news, the first thing I thought of was the all-white juries that repeatedly acquitted murderers and terrorists back in the civil rights protest era.

Samantha Bee Has the Best Commentary on Debate 3: The Good, the Bad, the Nasty

Our media are so punch drunk they no longer notice how awful he is
2 days, 16 hours ago
Charles, I was just able to see a private comment without being logged in. I was logged in on my laptop but not my phone. I clicked on the button while on my phone and the comment became visible. It ...
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