Video: Seth Meyers Interviews Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

43 minutes ago
re: #247 Barefoot Grin I sold rocks, minerals, railroad spikes, insulators etc. when I was a little kid. It was like an enhanced lemonade stand. I also sold God's eyes door to door. Did a fairly solid business with both. ...

WATCH LIVE: Senate Committees Hold Hearing on Trump’s Insurrection

160Decatur Deb
1 day, 3 hours ago
re: #141 Punish Domestic Terrorists She gets to be Anne Boleyn. Gielgud gets to be Othello. Tebaldi gets to be Cho-Cho San. They get to do that because they can pull it off, and sell tickets--because that's the job.

As Millions of Texans Freeze Without Power, Ted Cruz Decides to Vacation in Cancun

6 days, 3 hours ago
re: #80 FormerDirtDart 🍕🐀 No Capt'n😷Trips About and hour after the House passed the bill, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic and the Greenville Women's Clinic filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to stop S. 1 from going into effect. "If ...

Trevor Noah: The GOP & Fox Blame AOC’s Green New Deal for the Texas Power Crisis

6 days, 6 hours ago
re: #203 danarchy thanks for this. I would have completely missed it. By the way, does anyone know if it's normal for a cat to theoretically be stone dead, but practically apparently loving the hell out of it? I swear, ...