New Hammered Dulcimer Goodness From House of Waters: “Moon”

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Axios here is reporting something as fact that is based on a single quote from an employee of the right-wing Manhattan Institute given to an entirely different publication. — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) May 28, 2022

Seth Meyers: Ted Cruz Storms Off After Questions About Guns, Wants Door Control Instead

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re: #232 The Pie Overlord! ha! I don't have to do mine on the parchment anymore because I finally easy offed that sucker. And the bottoms of my pans look good again (used the barkeeper's friend on that). Then I ...

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Horrified and Heartbroken

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re: #207 Rightwingconspirator Here's an official Texas video which describes them as a menace to the environment; shows the hogs but not their invasion of backyards: Here's a brief video showing them in a neighborhood in Missouri City, Texas: ...