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The Burlington NC Neo-Nazi who inspired Dylann Roof
66Amory Blaine
3 minutes ago
re: #60 goddamnedfrank The problem that Bush and most conservatives created is costing the world trillions and creating more strife for the poorest people in the world.
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Anybody familiar with right wing extremism has likely heard of The Turner Diaries. Written by William Pierce, The Turner Diaries depicts a United States enveloped by racial civil war, bombings of federal buildings and the eventual global genocide of all non-white human beings. Pages of the book were found …

Council of Conservative Citizens Website Back Online, but Spokesman Kyle Rogers Is Still Off Twitter
Unfortunately, the website’s disappearance was just temporary
1 week, 1 day ago
re: #301 Lidane Again wingnuts Popes have been speaking out about this shit for years. You're as guilty as the "Cafeteria Catholics" you derided for being pro-choice, pro-gay rights. He never said people shouldn't be able to defend themselves but ...
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