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The Burlington NC Neo-Nazi who inspired Dylann Roof
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re: #200 The Vicious Babushka Ben's buddy Chuck says his gay friends called marriage "a heterosexual bourgeois thing," so Chuck wonders why gays would want to get married. BTW, Chuck referred to Ben as his friend in the latest interview. ...
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Anybody familiar with right wing extremism has likely heard of The Turner Diaries. Written by William Pierce, The Turner Diaries depicts a United States enveloped by racial civil war, bombings of federal buildings and the eventual global genocide of all non-white human beings. Pages of the book were found …

Council of Conservative Citizens Website Back Online, but Spokesman Kyle Rogers Is Still Off Twitter
Unfortunately, the website’s disappearance was just temporary
1 week, 1 day ago
re: #301 Lidane Again wingnuts Popes have been speaking out about this shit for years. You're as guilty as the "Cafeteria Catholics" you derided for being pro-choice, pro-gay rights. He never said people shouldn't be able to defend themselves but ...
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