In Which Steve Bannon Gets a Subpoena for Grand Jury Testimony in Mueller’s Russia Investigation

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Today we’re learning about the drop of a rather large shoe in Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s Russia connections: Stephen Bannon has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. This comes on the heels of Donald Trump’s reckless, vicious attacks on Bannon, which makes it especially interesting. …

Video: Seth Meyers on the Continuing Fallout From Trump’s Racist Immigration Comments

Comedians continue doing the best coverage of this nightmare president
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re: #401 scottslemmons Hmmm. Dirty bastards. Copy the files to another computer if you can. You can always reload them later if need be.

A Classic Tale of Creepy Behavior: Trump’s Lawyer Michael Cohen Arranged $130,000 in Hush Money for Adult-Film Star Right Before the Election

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re: #230 BlueGrl21 Easy to fix. Arrive early or stay late and reset the pass-code for parental control on the office TV. Then block Faux and any other channels that are not appropriate. Then "forget" the new pass-code.

Trump Issues Weak, Garbled Denial of His Racist “Shithole” Comment, but Dick Durbin Says He’s Lying Again

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