Some Mighty Fancy Bluegrass Picking From Billy Strings and Band on Austin City Limits: “Red Daisy”

115William Lewis
1 hour, 15 minutes ago
re: #112 Dangerman Two reasons I can't at this time: Steam games I play with my son that will _not_ run in VM or Wine or etc Capture One photo software I keep a nice VM with FreeBSD handy and ...

The Bob Cesca Podcast: Bob Hitler

141Punish Domestic Terrorists
4 days, 9 hours ago
re: #139 JOE 🥓 This piece of shit needs to be charged with genocide. [Embedded content] A doctor is trying to save lives, and the Clinton News Network calls him crazy. This is an outrage! It's infuriating that this maniac ...

WATCH LIVE: Press Secretary Jen Psaki vs. The Gotcha Squad

55Punish Domestic Terrorists
5 days, 17 hours ago
re: #50 lawhawk He's 73, and Conservatives his age tend to leave the fitness to the alt-right brownshirt generation, so I'm cautiously optimistic about his odds. I just hope he isn't at the level where they vaccinate and just encourage ...