Thursday Jam: Joe Bonamassa, “Different Shades of Blue”

Fat tone
32 seconds ago
And they're good eating

I’ve been coding all day. PHP. Javascript. Linux shell scripts. MySQL. I’ve covered the waterfront. And registered LGF folks can now save their Donald Trump Bumper Stickers directly to their LGF Image Library. And now I feel like some Joe Bonamassa, with a classic sweet Les Paul tone. This …

James O'Keefe in a crude Osama bin Laden costume, crossing the US-Mexico border

That Time When James O’Keefe Forgot to Hang Up the Phone and Ended Up Stinging Himself

Massive fail of the month
5 days, 1 hour ago
re: #145 jaunte Has there been a case since this "crisis" began of someone stopping an actual transperson from entering a restroom?
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