The Tightest Groove You’ll Hear This Year: The FEARLESS FLYERS /// Ace of Aces

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Students @GMHS_SMCPS Great Mills High School joined tens of thousands of students nationwide for the #NationalSchoolWalkout to protest gun violence. @thebaynetcom will have the full story. — Joy Shrum (@JoyShrumTBN) March 14, 2018 This was six days ago. ...

Stunning Video Shows Cambridge Analytica CEO Discussing Using Bribery and Sex Workers

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Now, this is weird. Cambridge Analytica research partner Aleksandr Kogan makes off-color jokes (in Russian) at Facebook's expense about ways of accessing Big Data during lecture at St Petersburg State University in May 2014 (starts at min. 53:24 mark) ...

Another Defamation Lawsuit Filed Against Alex Jones, Jim Hoft, Allen West, Lee Stranahan and Others

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re: #88 freetoken Do they speculate about possible causes, such as, let's guess, too much exposure to microwaves, or too much HFCS in the food? Of course, it could just be that older people form larger proportions of the population ...

Video: Colbert’s Comedy Tribute to Rex a Go Go

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re: #401 gwangung I didn't say anything about marriage. I said "pick up." When they do find someone to marry it's generally about mutual usage, because he's a man-baby that can't actually stand mutuality and living with someone cracks open ...

Chaos Watch: The White House Revolving Door Is Spinning Wildly

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re: #187 Kragar The Starfighters (1964) starring none other than future whackdoodle Congressman Bob Dornan (for real). It is even goofier than this clip makes it look. It was featured on MST3000k and is one of Paste Magazine's "10 Most ...