In Arizona, Trump Tells His Gullible Cult Members That California Has “Special Masks” That Can’t Be Taken Off

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re: #20 Decatur Deb Hey, I sold cookies from 1966-1973. We didn't have these fancy Samoas. We had Thin Mints, peanut butter cookies, plain sugar cookies, and some other flavor. The kids these days, they have no idea how hard ...

I know we’re all at the point of madness just hearing his voice, but this is one of those remarkably batshit moments that I feel compelled to document, as Trump tells his audience in Bullhead City, Arizona, that California has “a special mask” that cannot be removed, and you …

Watch Live: As the Pandemic Rages and People Have No Stimulus Payments, Senate Republicans Whine About Tweets

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re: #231 NO SMOCKING GUN! The mainland Chinese government wouldn't have needed to use military force. They supply Hong Kong with its water and food and power and deal with its sewage (Kowloon Harbour is no longer the dumping ground ...

GroundUP Music With Becca Stevens, Bokanté, Alina Engibaryan and More: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

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re: #52 Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus Total bullshit. Every team had to quarantine for the 60 games plus during the condensed playoff format. That only further shows that the best team won under the toughest of circumstances.

To Soothe a Troubled Mind: Yo-Yo Ma, Bach’s Cello Suite No. 5 in C Minor, Allemande

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re: #92 🌹UOJB! They took a strong stand against Trump in 2016, upsetting the Republican establishment. But the Republican establishment is increasingly led by crazies. I subscribe to the more left-leaning Concord Monitor. Union-Leader's reporting at the state and local ...

In Which a Trump Supporter Stands Right Behind Him at His Florida Rally, Throwing the White Power Sign

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re: #158 piratedan My mistake. I looked further and the original 1963 movie and its 1999 remake were both named The Haunting. It's the Netflix series that reverted to the name of the novel. I had read the novel so ...