New Details on the US War Criminal Pardoned by Trump: Fellow SEALs Called Him “Evil” and “Toxic”

12/27/19 10:23:17 pm
re: #162 Charles Johnson The nut-job has posted over 40 tweets in 4 hours. I can't imagine the stench of flop-sweat, spittle and desperation filling the Executive Residence tonight.

One of the most horrifyingly wrong things about our horrifyingly wrong president* is his attraction to and support for dictators… and sadistic war criminals. The New York Times has released video with disturbing new details about crimes committed by Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher, who Trump recently pardoned against …

Sen. Al Franken Accused of Sexual Harassment While on USO Tour in 2006

11/16/17 4:34:35 pm
re: #209 Blind Frog Belly White "I feel like we're veering close to a dangerous game here. What's next, we look at her political contributions to decide whether she's lying? Haven't we spent the last week decrying exactly that sort ...

Right Wing Media Desperate to Hang Mass Murderer Devin Patrick Kelley on the Left

The right wing is not well
11/06/17 5:56:41 pm
re: #3 makeitstop Level 3 / Comcast BGP issue caused Internet outage. Summary: The IP NOC was informed of a significant client impact which seemed to originate on the east coast. The IP NOC began investigating, and soon discovered that ...