A Picture of the End of a War

8/31/21 12:18:26 pm
re: #323 Eclectic Cyborg

The US war in Afghanistan is officially finished tonight. US Central Command tweeted the photo above, of the last US soldier boarding a plane to leave Kabul, and while it’s undeniably unsettling, it also somehow seems fitting.

Derek Chauvin Trial Verdict Coming Soon - UPDATE: Guilty on All Three Counts

202Charles Johnson
4/20/21 5:49:25 pm
Still going through the amazingly deep catalog of bad horror movies on Amazon Prime, discovered “Hosts,” and hey now. Still trying to decide if it was so bad it’s good or just bad, really bad. Some unexpected but very ...

New Details on the US War Criminal Pardoned by Trump: Fellow SEALs Called Him “Evil” and “Toxic”

12/27/19 10:23:17 pm
re: #162 Charles Johnson The nut-job has posted over 40 tweets in 4 hours. I can't imagine the stench of flop-sweat, spittle and desperation filling the Executive Residence tonight.