FBI Arrests Army Soldier for Allegedly Planning to Bomb Major American News Network

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re: #105 Backwoods_Sleuth "It's like, how much more white could this be, and the answer is none. None more white." —Nigel Tufnel (paraphrased)

We’re starting off the week with news of yet another far right terrorist (allegedly), a US soldier who discussed plans to bomb an unnamed major American news network, and kill presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke. Just another day in Donald Trump’s America. Also see: ‘No Blame?’ ABC News finds 36 cases …

Sen. Al Franken Accused of Sexual Harassment While on USO Tour in 2006

11/16/17 4:34:35 pm
re: #209 Blind Frog Belly White "I feel like we're veering close to a dangerous game here. What's next, we look at her political contributions to decide whether she's lying? Haven't we spent the last week decrying exactly that sort ...

Right Wing Media Desperate to Hang Mass Murderer Devin Patrick Kelley on the Left

The right wing is not well
11/06/17 5:56:41 pm
re: #3 makeitstop Level 3 / Comcast BGP issue caused Internet outage. Summary: The IP NOC was informed of a significant client impact which seemed to originate on the east coast. The IP NOC began investigating, and soon discovered that ...
Images found on James Fields' Facebook page before it was deleted

James Fields Charged With Murder in #Charlottesville Terrorism; Right Wing Bloggers Identified Wrong Person

Right wing terrorism and lies
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8/13/17 6:18:58 pm
re: #381 Stanley Sea I checked Snopes and they have not found the Obama speech where she said anything like that. Prob just some ratfucker trying to throw some meat out there.