Some More News Has Some Simple, Obvious Solutions to Glaring Problems [VIDEO]

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Immediately after the picture is taken the nanny whisks them off to their rooms so they don't touch anything. ...that sterile white environment isn't gonna keep itself clean. — Hold My PomPoms Bitches (@Scattered211) December 7, 2021 ...

Seth Meyers: Trump’s Secret Positive COVID Test; GOP’s Omicron Conspiracy Theories

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re: #297 Hecuba's daughter Trump will be dead within a few years max. It's not like he's a young man whose influence will go on for decades. Who's after him? Jr is a fuck up. Ivanka is a girl, and ...
Jim Hoft (r), owner of the far right fake news blog Gateway Pundit

Far Right Conspiracy Site “Gateway Pundit” Sued by Georgia Election Workers

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re: #224 Jay C re: #224 Jay C I've heard conservatives saying "It was a long time ago. she's an old woman, leave her alone." We're still arresting old men in their nineties for WW2 crimes.