Superb Owl Open Thread

2/08/16 5:05:03 am
re: #294 William Lewis Monkeys are supposed to be clever, and there is the association with the Monkey King from the take Journey to the West. Although Ram is one word associated with the past year, it can also be ...

Somebody just told there’s some kind of sportsball event going on, so I thought I’d launch an open thread toward the end zone.

Dallas Sportscaster Obliterates Football’s Anti-Gay Hypocrisy

It’s ‘time to celebrate’ Michael Sam, not condemn him.
652Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
2/13/14 4:36:55 pm
re: #639 Backwoods_Sleuth Beautiful snakes, but with a deadly bite. My pythons don't look nearly that beautiful, but I prefer snakes that can't kill me.

Shock News: Lance Armstrong Admits Doping to Oprah

Did Sheryl know?
1/15/13 8:09:56 pm
re: #534 Targetpractice While the Trump hairpiece means something different, the Chinese so far are not selling entire cars in the USA ... yet. They want to, though. For now, the Chinese manufacture some of the parts that make up ...