Bundy Ranch Terrorists Issue Bomb Threats, Intimidate City Council Meeting, Attempt to Set Fire to Cars

When will the government act?
5/03/14 11:04:35 am
re: #330 Varek Raith I once got bombed with a Russian! no,,, wait,,,, TWICE !!

The lack of a response is emboldening the terrorists. They’re also showing up to intimidate the local city council: So yeah. It’s not a matter of if this powder keg goes off, it’s WHEN. The Federal Government needs to step in, immediately, and put down this modern Whiskey Rebellion.

Issa Loses His Cool During Fake IRS Scandal Hearing, Cuts Mic and Runs

Fake scandal is fake
370De Kolta Chair
3/06/14 9:59:20 am
Libido Shuffle @eclecticbrotha @20committee @Gus_802 @Green_Footballs @bobcesca_go Breadnecked guys should not wish others to be dropping to the dead. I lost count long ago how of many times I dropped to the Dead in the 70's and 80's.

Called It! Wingnuts Intentionally Trying to Overload Healthcare.Gov

A DDoS attack corresponding with a media blitz
11/08/13 12:04:08 pm
re: #3 Sol Berdinowitz Still waiting for the insurance companies to apologize for all the folks they scammed into thinking they had insurance that went bankrupt and lost their homes and their credit ratings.