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Bullshit! Or, How to Frankfurt a Trump

Time for a primer in the age of “alternative facts”…
120Crush White Nationalism
1/27/17 10:10:33 am
re: #74 teleskiguy parody account.

As I mentioned in my recent post, “How To Nussbaum a Trump”, others have pointed out the relevance of Harry Frankfurt’s analysis of bullshit to Trump’s rhetoric, and a few have alluded to how he might be the first post-modern President. However, given how “truth-challenged” his administration appears to …

More Competition + Less Regulation = Higher Prices

Turning The Conservative Mantra On Its Head
333A Mom Anon
11/12/13 12:51:28 pm
re: #265 Lidane So, let's just say that 40 people showed up outside DF's house with openly carried weapons, just because they didn't like something he said or did. Would he feel at all intimidated by that? As someone who ...

Wisconsin Primary Results Indicate GOP Mischief

…And an investigative story is apparently buried
40William Lewis
5/09/12 11:59:23 am
re: #10 ggt Read Anthony Beevor's "The Spanish Civil War". Newer edition is "The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936–39". The first couple of chapters about the rise of an anti-modern, anti-science, anti-democracy movement, The Falange, mirrors what ...

The Liberal Modus Ponens versus The Republican Modus Tollens

Not all problematic arguments are created equal
9/29/11 7:24:19 pm
re: #87 tshinkle You are equivocating money spent on actual science to money spent on questioning and deliberately misinterpreting science. That's a major flaw in thinking. It also implies both 'sides' are pursuing their goals and agendas. The difference is ...