Video: The Ray Harryhausen Creature List

State of the art, pre-CGI
530The Ghost of Quesos Past
7/01/11 11:24:31 am
re: #82 Naso Tang As a 30-someodd-year-old man who's spent half his life in South Asia, you're wrong. One ascending generation and I have family remembers that personally experienced Partition. It's hours after the discussion, so I'm not going to ...

Every stop motion creature and special effect ever created by Ray Harryhausen, in one terrific mashup. (h/t:

Open Letter to Jeff Bezos on Terminating CA Amazon Associates

Amazon uses sales partners as pawns in fight with CA government
7/01/11 8:59:35 am
re: #130 Obdicut I'm not sure "regressive" is the word for what I prefer. I generally prefer flat, uniform (same for everyone), SIMPLE taxation. My reason is that in reality, with our current "progressive" taxes, the rich pay LESS than ...

Katrina and the Waves Tell Michele Bachmann to Knock It Off

Musicians not digging the Bachmann vibe
421The Ghost of Quesos Past
6/30/11 8:57:28 am
re: #326 Fat Bastard Vegetarian ACK. Two days ago I discovered one of my friends has signed on for LaHaye's Apocalypse. Our conversation...and likely our friendship...ended when he used Sola Fide to justify his line-and-sinker acceptance of the "Left Behind" ...

British Branch of the ‘Anti-Jihad’ Movement in Full Meltdown

Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are oddly silent
6/30/11 9:37:43 am
re: #228 000G Nobody has hijacked LGF from what I can tell so even with her claim that the EDL has been hijacked, "doing a CJ" doesn't apply. The only people doing a CJ - ie breaking ties with extremists ...

Tim Pawlenty, Climate Change Denier (and Creationist)

The anti-science party
358Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
7/02/11 9:56:25 am
re: #355 groovimus Methane isn't oil. And again, even if it were, it's moot: the burning of hydrocarbons, whatever their source, adds CO2 to atmosphere, which traps heat, which is causing AGW.

Where Michele Bachmann Learned About the Founding Fathers: David Barton

Delusional alternate history with a theocratic message
6/30/11 12:33:31 pm
re: #35 fiveonefive There's both a pattern of hostility and unease about slavery, and a pattern of increasing financial, cultural and political investment in slavery. There would have been no need for the Civil War if the matter had been ...

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer: Homosexuals Are Child Molesters

Just another blast of anti-gay hatred from the religious right
6/29/11 10:40:22 pm
re: #47 NorthWhale I was thinking the exact same thing when I read the quote. But to take his syllogism all the way to the end, the one thing that is clear is that the overwhelming majority of sexual molestations ...

Michele Bachmann Says, ‘I’m Like John Wayne’ in Hometown of John Wayne Gacy

Attempt at hometown pandering misfires embarrassingly
258Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
6/27/11 10:02:15 pm
re: #256 jvic Um, okay. You mean, people are making money off of it? What will Muslims think if we involve Israel? Presumably this question was never asked, at least not as bluntly as I phrased it. Was it ever ...

Video: Republicans Shun Science

A scary detachment from reality
6/28/11 4:24:34 am
re: #70 lostlakehiker Of course it's fair. It's a historical fact. As for amendments, last I checked, nobody but conservatives want the 14th Amendment gutted clarified, and the 16th and 17th axed.