Trump Will Attend the NRA Convention in Dallas - Guns Not Allowed

743Man, DangerMan
5/01/18 11:13:52 am
re: #725 KGxvi who has the negotiating power is only half the problem take it or leave it works whether it's an actual job or a budding relationship if you dont set your own rates, hours, arent looking for other ...

In today’s episode of “Everything is Horrible,” we learn that our so-called president is going to the extreme right wing National Rifle Association’s annual meeting, just to make it very clear where he stands on gun violence. And to really ram the point home about who these people think should …

Sunday Night Rhythms: PRD Mais, “Cabuleto/Batalhão/Bossanta”

393gocart mozart
4/30/18 2:04:39 pm
Numerous countries are being considered for the MEETING, but would Peace House/Freedom House, on the Border of North & South Korea, be a more Representative, Important and Lasting site than a third party country? Just asking! — Donald J. ...

Samantha Bee: Meet Mike Pompeo, Our New Face to the Rest of the World

4/28/18 7:29:56 am
re: #54 Charles Johnson I've made reference to Trump as Queeg in the movie "The Caine Mutiny". He's melting down just like Queeg. I wouldn't be surprised to see Trump fondling steel balls during his "press conferences".

Great Interview: Seth Meyers w/ Sarah Kendzior, on the Systemic Issues That Will Outlast Trump

4/25/18 10:43:38 pm
re: #48 Unshaken Defiance I agree that the Democratic candidates should not make impeachment the main focus of their campaign. One of Hillary's downfalls, in retrospect, was not taking Trump seriously as a candidate and focusing extensively on how unfit ...

Seth Meyers: Trump’s Allies Are Sweating About Michael Cohen as Scandals Mount

4/24/18 1:25:19 pm
re: #412 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light)) Cardboard boxes from the furniture store are exceeded only by cardboard boxes from the appliance store. Refrigerator boxes and stove boxes are the coolest toys in the world. * lived across ...

Video: John Oliver’s In-Depth Look at the Iran Nuclear Deal and Trump’s Reckless, Stupid Intention to Destroy It

In reality, it’s all about Obama
4/23/18 9:32:30 pm
re: #473 The Major re: #486 Anymouse 🌹 How great! Yes, I loved the chimes of grandma's when I was 7 and 8 (my parents were abroad), and she knew it and willed her to me. I let my parents ...