Early Voting Gives Romney a 21-Point Lead in Florida

Get used to saying “Romney the nominee”
2/01/12 1:53:47 am
re: #189 Talking Point Detective Yes, that's plausible. However she has been very sloppy in her repair attempt. Not only she didn't add the complete paras at the end, she ignored the missing text in the beginning.

Allen West Says to President Obama, ‘Get the Hell Out of the US,’ Then Denies He Said It

Weasel of the day
124Unshaken Defiance
1/31/12 11:43:40 am
re: #118 leftynyc And a the guy involved did a very dumb thing, went running down the street after the robber, gun in hand and fired a shot. Thankfully it seems nobody on our crowded streets were hit by the ...

Breitbart Editor John Nolte Picks a Fight With the Muppets

Incredible density
1/30/12 5:56:05 pm
John Nolte looks like Chris Elliott's character from "There's Something About Mary," which means Mr. Nolte will soon take to Breitbart's pages to complain about the "whiteheads" on his own (bulging) eyeballs.

Kermit and Miss Piggy vs. Fox News

Socialist puppets and their indoctrination techniques
198Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
1/30/12 11:24:38 am
re: #197 Petero1818 Second, actually, I fucked up. First is special circumstances, second is premeditated, third is unpremeditated and no special circumstances. Sure, absolutely. I just get viscerally riled by the people who say 'honor killing' on Fox News with ...

Fickle GOP Voters Now Tiring of Newt

Clown car or roller coaster?
1/29/12 10:02:02 am
The Republican Party's task is to thread a political needle -- find a candidate irrational enough to placate the ideologically self-serving corporate-controlled conservative base as well as the homophobic extremists of the Religious Right, the racist never-say-die birther contingent, and ...

Sarah Palin: GOP Establishment Alinsky Cannibals Are Probing Newt Gingrich with Endoscopes

‘All of it came at them at once as facts about me’
247Shiplord Kirel, Friend of Moose and Squirrel
1/28/12 4:52:28 pm
re: #36 Sergey Romanov I show up as a male 65+ with an interest in humanities, military history, old movies and western Asia. This is pretty close to the truth except that I'm "only" 62.

Tom Waits: Silent Night - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis

A classic Tom Waits song from a 1978 appearance on Austin City Limits
1/28/12 12:02:57 pm
re: #519 wlewisiii Oh, Mirkarimi. It's a mess. Currently, he is still on the job, last I heard, although he may have surrendered his gun. They were discussing it. I would like to point out that Michael Hennessey was sheriff ...

Christie: Civil Rights Struggle Could Have Been Resolved by Voting

New Jersey governor suddenly sounds like Ron Paul
122Charleston Chew
1/28/12 7:02:23 am
If there had been a national vote on civil rights, the results would have looked like this, with yellow states for it, green opposed, and red strongly opposed. Image: 1968.election.map.gif