Mitt Romney Supports the GOP’s War on Women

Romney shows who’s boss
491Eventual Carrion
3/01/12 10:41:59 am
re: #238 Ministry of Fairness and Balance Maybe he can wave his magic wand that GWB said he himself didn't have to lower the price of gas. If GWB couldn't do it even though he was on full mouth kissing, ...

In case you had any remaining doubt about how much Mitt Romney will pander to the social conservative right wing in order to get the Republican nomination, tonight he’s

N. Korea Agrees to Suspend Nuclear Activities for US Food Aid

Major breakthrough
2/29/12 8:42:36 pm
re: #174 windupbird is in the gravity well Even amongst the Northwest, Portland stands out. I lived near the Canadian border and when the fuel pump went out on my 15-year-old Volvo, I had to go all the way to ...

Rush Limbaugh Calls Georgetown Law Student a ‘Slut’ and ‘Prostitute’

What right wing misogyny?
2/29/12 10:00:58 pm
In the 90s I believe I remember Rush discussing his desire to develop the ability to make women climax simply by staring at them. I suppose this makes him a man-whore? A slut? Round-heeled? At the very least, a hypocrite. ...

Bloodthirsty ‘Anti-Jihad’ Bloggers Rant Crazily About Apologies for Koran-Burning

The Bigot Brigade calls for wholesale slaughter, not apologies
3/01/12 2:33:59 pm
Charles Johnson, I saw this story Mirrored over at Loon Watch. I made a suggestion to them that maybe one of these days they should interview you. Would like that?

The Michigan-Arizona Primaries Open Thread

Romney and Santorum battle for the delegates
2/29/12 7:54:23 pm
re: #449 ausador Seeing as their State has been a drain on the US budget for as long as they've been a State, I seriously doubt they could make it on their own even with the oil revenue.

Daily Caller: ‘There Should Be Humiliation and Pain in Government Assistance’

Giant wingnut sighted, proceed with caution
306Sir John Barron
2/29/12 7:52:57 am
True. It would be more independent of these people to rob a store or burgularize a house or two to get their food.// Does the Daily Caller also understand that people who work, taxpayers that is, are eligible for Food ...

Video: The Heartland Institute’s Department of Education

The future, in denial
191Charles Johnson
2/28/12 1:16:39 pm
Another similarity: when you'd actually look up a creationist's quote or article citation, you'd invariably find that they had: 1) distorted or changed it, 2) taken it wildly out of context, or 3) totally made the whole thing up. The ...

Rick Santorum Doubles Down: JFK Really Does Make Him Want to Barf - Update: Or Maybe Just Gag a Little

Religious insanity takes over the GOP
2/28/12 7:55:26 pm
re: #75 celticdragon I don't know if you're subscribed to this thread and will see tis, but I'm really sorry to hear about your parents' decision. Sometimes we pay a really high price for being true to ourselves, but I ...

The GOP’s Invasive Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Idaho

Caveman laws popping up all over the nation
2/28/12 9:14:35 am
re: #281 Dark_Falcon I think I've found the problem with your political party DF, it's the base. The base that demands people be 100% pro life. Maybe you can dissolve the public and elect another in its place?

The GOP’s Slut-Shaming Ultrasound Craze Spreads to Alabama

Right wing social engineering
2/28/12 5:12:02 am
It is ALL about religious superstitions about embryos and zygotes. No legislation insists a male endure a urethral probe to demonstrate how his penile cavities function before prescribing Viagra. No legislation insists you have a scraping from a suspicious mole ...

Video: VA Lawmaker David Albo and the Dreaded ‘V’ Word

They have no problem shoving an ultrasound wand into it, just don’t say the word
2/27/12 3:05:56 pm
re: #5 Lidane If you can't bring yourself to say it, you have no business calling yourself an adult. Blushing over naughty words is something you're supposed to get over in school.