New York Stock Exchange Shuts Down: “Not the Result of a Cyber Breach”

Wall Street closes
58Colère Tueur de Lapin
7/08/15 11:57:45 am
re: #51 dog philosopher ஐஒஔ௸ I read that as 'a giant turnip problem'. Hmmm, sounds fairly apropos.

We’re starting off this Wednesday with an apparent collapse of civilization. OK, that might be a slight exaggeration. The stock exchange has now been down for well over an hour, eons in trading time. An “internal technical issue” doesn’t necessarily rule out an attack of some kind, but we’ll see …

New Mexico Gets Bain’d: Romney Took $2.5M in Tax Dollars and 1,000 Jobs From New Mexicans in 2000s

We got the business.
524Killgore Trout
7/19/12 10:01:21 am
re: #522 lawhawk This seems to be the same guy that was warned about a few weeks ago. The original warning was regarding a plot to bomb a plane for the Olympics. Some of the speculation was that he was ...

GM CEO: Thanks for the Money, I Think We’ll Declare Bankruptcy Now

3/31/09 5:07:02 pm
This whole idiot story 'they' are tossing around that 'consumers' would never buy from a company in Bankruptcy is absurd. Like we'd buy from a company who might go bankrupt any day instead. ? Bankrupt. Reorganize, Come out Healthy. Put ...