Incredible Bassist Adam Ben Ezra: Flamenco - Double Bass Solo

2/01/13 11:54:27 am
re: #66 goddamnedfrank There's no doubt now: a good chunk of RWNJs are fascist Nazi admirers or are pandering to them. Can we call them un-American now?

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Onion News: Psychiatrists Warn Nation’s Used Car Salesmen Going Insane

With prices this low, the nation’s used car salesmen must be out of their minds
254Aucun pays pour les vieux ennemis
2/01/13 6:53:45 am
re: #214 Kragar Regular Coke was one of the biggest reasons that I used to weigh 280lbs. Ditching that and candy-bars took me down to 225, which is about right for my height, and enabled me to do a lot ...

Jon Stewart on Glenn Beck’s Planned Marxist Utopia

Now with more freedom
18Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))
1/31/13 12:06:33 am
This place is never going to be built - they will get no farther than collecting a lot of money from potential investors - so Beck can go on all he wants about his vision of the ideal Patriot community. ...

Yes, the Father of a Murdered Newtown Child Was Heckled by Gun Nuts

Right wingers jump to defend loathsome behavior
1/30/13 7:26:54 pm
Back to the posted topic. A website that I peruse and post on (occasionally) is discussing this topic. One poster, a right-winger who just appeared after guns started being discussed, said that the father of one of the victims was ...

Sarah Palin Made $15.85 Per Word at Fox News

You’d have to be a total geek to get into this…which is why I posted it.
1/28/13 5:45:29 pm
re: #186 Gus To some extent, yes. Perhaps the effective counter-campaign to the Amren meetings, which has closed down a lot of hotel venues for Amren, has caused they to rally the troops around Jared? And if you think VDARE ...