Wednesday Night Video: Tommy Emmanuel

777Boston Patriot
5/02/08 8:21:02 am
That's so beautiful... It must have been written by a Muslim. After all, they love beauty, talent, and the commitment to reason it takes to build a fine instrument, learn music theory, practice its implementation and artistic interpretation to be ...

A beautiful performance of Angelina by Australian acoustic guitar virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel. %%YOUTUBE=AhR04kmcSXU%%

A Holocaust Denier at the Washington Post/Newsweek Site

5/01/08 6:42:23 am
re: #301 jackflash Guys like Fadlallah aren't just being "silly", Jack, and they're not just trying to minimize the Holocaust. They're trying to demonize Israel, saying it has no right to exist, and they're trying to get the world to ...

McCain Dumps Hizballah Supporter from Michigan Campaign

5/01/08 2:40:11 pm
re: #62 Charles Yea, Charles, because McCain certainly hasn't swept anything under the rug. I mean, Debbie Schlussel has a piece on it for chrissake! Please. Are you really equating McCain's having a "known terrorist agent" on his financing committee ...