NATO Airstrike Kills Qaddafi’s Son

The Colonel barely escapes
557funky chicken
5/01/11 11:31:54 am
re: #83 Dark_Falcon Yes it is. But that's not how it will play for a lot of Muslims. And bombing a private residence is not a good idea, regardless. If intel assets saw Mo and wife enter the home, they ...

A NATO airstrike has reportedly killed

Top Climate Scientist on Tornadoes: ‘Irresponsible Not to Mention Climate Change’

‘Climate change is present in every single meteorological event’ - Michael Mann
499Prononymous, rogue demon hunter
5/01/11 3:24:07 am
re: #498 haakondahl Way to miss the point. Energy from the sun drives the weather we see on this planet. So it's not drawing a bulls-eye around only the results that prove a particular point. It's drawing a bulls-eye around ...

Appeals Court OKs Federal Funds for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The forces of reason win one
4/30/11 6:49:36 am
re#114 Jimmah, Yes haemophilia was a prominant double recessive disease amongst European royals a century or so ago;but recently more diverse breeding has practically eliminated the threat. Certainly Wills' choice of "the commoner" the rather tasty Kate Middleton is from ...

Texas GOP Attacks Planned Parenthood by Banning Them from Medicaid Program

The Republican Party’s total war on women’s rights goes local
4/29/11 8:29:43 pm
I wonder why women's groups are largely silent on these de-funding efforts. Maybe it's been a settled matter for so long in their minds (and the minds of most Americans) that they aren't really sure how to react. I suppose ...

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer to Muslims: Convert to Christianity or Die

The American Family Taliban
4/30/11 1:12:16 am
The Republicans need to take a severe left hand turn from these crazies immediately. Between the ultra religious right and the uber tea baggers, they are, bit by bit, destroying this party. Hopefully, they will see the light after this ...

Pastor of Obama’s Easter Church Receives Racist Threats After Sean Hannity Show

‘James Crow, Esquire’
4/29/11 9:07:29 am
re: #115 HoosierHoops I've been in a cooking phase again. This morning, it was Honey bread made in my clay oven (oh man, is that good bread!) Tomorrow, when my Lodge enameled dutch oven gets here, I think I'll break ...

Pamela Geller Doubles Down: New Birth Certificate Fraudulent Too!

Geller’s hilarious ‘exhaustive digital forensic examination’
4/29/11 2:53:15 pm
The document can not be determined to be fake from the "evidence" MarketTicker and others are claiming and here is exctly why and how you can recreate the exact same things at home in less than 2 minutes with your ...

Oklahoma GOP Rep. Sally Kern: ‘Blacks’ Don’t Work As Hard As White People

Gimme dat old school racism
4/28/11 2:37:07 pm
While most of Sally Kern's crap made me want to puke, I had to laugh at one aspect of it. She mixes old-fashioned racism with the use of the term "people of color," which is definitely progressive-speak. LOL!