Feds Finds Ricin Traces at Mississippi Suspect’s Dojo

Dumbass bought castor beans on Ebay
5/01/13 6:15:20 pm
re: #31 Bert's House of Beef and Obdicuts BTW, the fetus in this pregnancy is anencephalic (no brain) and has no possible viability after birth according to the article. By now, I think every time a woman in El Salvador ...

More news tonight about the Mississippi man arrested in the ricin letter case: Feds Finds Ricin Traces at Miss. Suspect’s Dojo.

Feel Good Video of the Day: Cambridge Resident Unloads on Alex Jones Clown

“You’re an asshole and so is Alex Jones”
4/29/13 8:43:58 pm
He could have made his point without f*cking this and a**hole that. Obviously "the FBI" blowing up the Boston Marathon is crazy, but I had to stop watching because the guy doing the talking was nauseating himself.

One Third (?!) of PA High School Science Teachers Believe in Creationism - And Some Teach It

Let’s not ‘cram’ science into our children!
4/29/13 5:35:52 pm
re: #46 Feline Fearless Leader The response to Sputnik may have been motivated partly by irrational fear, but it was still a RATIONAL response. Today, the response would be, "We're not prayin' enough, and we're believin' the evolution and not ...

Full Video: President Obama Speaks at the Planned Parenthood Gala

Obama strongly supports women’s rights
195Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/27/13 4:58:24 pm
re: #193 ElCapitanAmerica I don't get what you mean by 'naturally', nor why it's an important distinction. You seem to be wildly conflating two very different arguments-- your'e saying that the late-term abortion is wrong because you consider the fetus ...

Rep. Louie ‘Terror Babies’ Gohmert: The Obama Administration is Full of Muslim Brotherhood Members

Dumbest man in Congress
141Aye Pod
4/26/13 5:19:33 pm
re: #59 stabby There's a lot I find objectionable in both the Bible and the Koran, but the objectionable matter in the Koran appears to have it's source in, or is distilled from the Bible. There's just no point trying ...

Jon Stewart on the One Constitutional Amendment Fox News Will Defend

That vaunted right wing respect for the Constitution
227I Am Kreniigh!
4/26/13 1:37:52 pm
re: #91 First As Tragedy, Then As Farce I will never in a thousand years convince my fiancee of this. Instead, I have to quietly smuggle any that I find in the house to a place of safety. It's basically ...

Rachel Maddow on the Mainstreaming of Crackpot Conspiracy Theories by the Right Wing

The rise of Alex Jones
110Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)
4/26/13 12:44:24 pm
re: #109 stabby There's a lot of antisemitic propaganda in the Middle East. Which is why theorizing that Tamerlane is the same as a Jihadi from Saudi Arabia is really silly. Saying 'it's the same everywhere in the Middle East' ...