‘New Black Panther’ Case Inquiry Released - Verdict: Bogus

A Justice Dept. inquiry finds no evidence to support right wing claims of anti-white ‘racism’
4/01/11 11:42:39 pm
re: #154 Alouette I don't believe this (Or, rather, I know you're telling the truth - I just don't want to believe it). You can't make stuff like this up. That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ...

Hateblogger Pamela Geller Testifying for Alaskan ‘Anti-Sharia’ Idiocy

Deranged bigot invited to testify before Alaskan House
3/30/11 10:25:54 pm
re: #34 SanFranciscoZionist I think they're just incredibly stupid and nasty racists, this nationalism paranoid stuff always boils down to race, not country

Sarah Palin Wonders If We’re in a ‘Squirmish’

Half-governor mangles English language yet again
3/31/11 7:34:34 pm
What's more frightening, a private citizen referring to Obama's Libya war as a "squirmish" during a television interview, or the Obama Administration referring to it as "kinetic military action," initiated without Congressional approval?

Texas School Board Chairwoman Nominates Creationists to Science Panel

Creationists competing for the huge Texas schoolbook market
3/30/11 8:26:41 am
creationist loon? The guy's not a clown from top to bottom. He's wrong about evolution, but he does know something about chemistry.

Pastor Hagee’s Rapture Novel Goes Hollywood

Crazed fundamentalist End Times paranoia with special FX
3/28/11 5:46:32 pm
I just want to say, that as a Jew, I'm glad the Jerusalem Countdown was made, complete with CGI and the bionic man. Its storyline promises to provide comedy writers, most of whom are Jewish, rich material for at least ...