Infowars, Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson: A Trifecta of Derp

Not being allowed to send lies that kill people over SMS texts is apparently the new Holocaust
585John Hughes
8/13/20 9:40:44 am
re: #557 Yeah Sure WhatEVs "Great" is the entry drug to exceptionalism. I'd say "Vote Biden to Start Making America America Again". Aspire. Don't assume you've got it, or ever will. Yeah, I'm shit at political slogans.

There’s going to be a period between now & the elections, when every single right-wing nutjob, hack, crank & shitposter gets censored by social media or tech companies and immediately starts screaming to the heavens about “MAH FREEDUMZ!!!” I’m not posting to the article, because Drudge did that already, …

That Time Mike Cernovich Threatened Trump

The next “Pizzagate” should be a real magnum opus
4/17/17 12:15:42 pm
re: #48 FormerDirtDart I almost feel bad for the croc as, out of camera, he gets hulk body-whipped and then has a couple of the bigger elephants drop atomic elbows on him from off the top rope.
Her twitter page and a little of her wisdom

CuriousLurker aka Aminah - May Allah Embrace Your Kind Soul

Our dear friend and fierce advocate has left us
236Floral Giraffe
4/15/17 7:55:18 pm
re: #154 Charles Johnson She did make the world a better place! And I feel blessed to have had her in my world, if in just a little LGF way!

Conservative Fact Check Fires Pamela Geller’s ‘TechDude’

Discovers that he forged his credentials. Still apparently not clear on much else.
12/02/12 11:07:10 am
Because a lot of people say it, that's EVIDENCE? :::headdesk::: how are you supposed to deal with people for whom "a lot of people say it, including Mr. Donald Trump" is EVIDENCE? (Despairing wail)