Andrew Sullivan Says He’s Quitting Blogging

So long, no thanks for the eugenics
234Roger S
1/31/15 3:35:56 pm
re: #232 LastYearsMan Thanks, I was a fan too. Stopped reading his blog last summer, for some of the reasons other posts brought up earlier. I did like his personal, well expressed, varied and often interesting blogging.

Andrew Sullivan says he’s going to quit blogging: A Note to My Readers. I don’t have much to say about this, because to be honest I was not a fan of Mr. Sullivan and I haven’t paid much attention to his writing for years. I didn’t like his apologia for …

Conservative Fact Check Fires Pamela Geller’s ‘TechDude’

Discovers that he forged his credentials. Still apparently not clear on much else.
12/02/12 11:07:10 am
Because a lot of people say it, that's EVIDENCE? :::headdesk::: how are you supposed to deal with people for whom "a lot of people say it, including Mr. Donald Trump" is EVIDENCE? (Despairing wail)